Hello, amazing people!

My name is Cody, and this is my website/blog.

In case you don’t know, I’m a personal trainer, obsessed with getting stronger, an honors business graduate from UNR, and 100 pounds lighter than I used to be.

Why should you stick around?

Because here you will find information and insight on all things barbell and iron related, improving your workouts, eating healthy, and most of all, the mindset and personal challenge that goes with it to reach the health and fitness you want.

It’s what I call: Holistic Strength.

I coined this term because it’s the best way I could describe my journey that left me 100lbs lighter and in the best shape I had ever been before my 20th birthday (I’m 24 now and the weight is still off!).

I experienced many challenges and struggles along the way, but I got through it because the holistic approach I used to shape my body and who I was through becoming stronger in body and mind through my journey to get fit.

Now my job as a fitness professional is to provide you with knowledge, know-how, inspiration, motivation, insightful perspective, guidance, support and encouragement for you to change and live healthier.

Follow and and I think you might understand.

Let’s go!