355lb Squat (4-15)









Hey, guys!

My name is Cody and this is my website!

I’m 24 years old, a personal trainer, a health and fitness nut, and 100 less than what I used to be.


(Click HERE for my strength journey on the program).

Here, you’ll find me talking about all things under the barbell, working-out, developing a good relationship with food, and something much bigger.

“What’s that?” you ask.

Holistic Strength.

Let me explain…

When I first had the idea to create this blog I thought it would be solely about fitness, but I soon realized that it was only part of my story and what I wanted to talk about.

At one time I used to weigh 260 pounds, and all before my 16th birthday. I felt unhappy and like a failure. But, something happened. I looked myself in the mirror — like really looked at myself in the mirror — one day and said, “Something has got to change…No more!” From that day forward, I made a commitment to lose weight and three years later, I weighed 100 pounds less.

Since then I’ve kept if off for 4 years, added 25lbs of lean muscle to my frame, and feel happier and stronger than I’ve every been. It’s been quite a journey and I’m grateful.

But I’m sure you’re asking: “How did this really happen?”

The answer is simple:

It was my mindset to change that lead to my success in my health and fitness that resulted in my extraordinary results. 

On this website, I will certainly talk about how to lift, the barbell, different workouts, and what makes a good diet. But, more importantly, I’m going to talk a lot about the struggle and challenge that comes along with it. This includes developing discipline, how to enjoy exercise, and developing a harmonious relationship with food.

I feel you cannot address one specific change (i.e. losing weight) when there are so many factors involved—your mindset, goals, character, and so forth. It’s a holistic approach to reaching the health you want and that’s what I want you to understand.

I’m perfect by no means and never will be, and I’m learning new things everyday. What I can do, however, is at least share my story and journey with you, which may provide a new perspective, inspiration, motivation, and/or understanding on achieving the health and fitness you want just like I do for my clients.

So, if you’re ready, let’s reach Holistic Strength together!

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