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It’s 2018 and here we go again.

New Year’s resolutions, goals, and aspirations for a better you.

It’s a little annoying since it happens every year, and all the new people crowding my gym making it hard for me to get my pump on; but, I do love the premise behind it.

I love it because it is a time where almost everyone reflects on the year they just had, so they can do better in the new one about to happen. It’s where everyone is all about self-improvement, whether they like that sort of thing or not, which makes me excited because that’s what I believe we should all be doing — progressing and improving to do life better, or MAKING GAINS.

No more is this more noticeable than in the realm of FITNESS.

(Click HERE for making better goals and HERE for what type of goals are superior).

As a personal trainer, I see many people come and go after high hopes with motivation to lose weight, pack on the muscle, and look good. They’re gun-ho in the beginning, but quickly fizzle out within 2 to 4 weeks. Usually, I can tell with high accuracy whether or not someone will really stick with their “resolution”  and change their life for the better in the first few moments of meeting them.


Because I can read people and pick up on their level of internal commitment to the process that dictates their success.

It’s great to have external, or extrinsic, motivation to get you going, but without intrinsic motivation, drive, and commitment to something, especially your willingness to do the things necessary to drop fat and add lean muscle to your body, there’s no point. You have got to want to do it because that where your success will happen.

Where exactly?



If you are familiar with this it is related to something called the “COMPOUND EFFECT”. It says that the daily actions you take, especially those that happen everyday without little thought, add up over-time giving you some sort of result. That could be a positive result or negative, but a result nonetheless.

For example, if you have two people with one drinking a can of Coke every night and one who does not, all things being equal, the COKE drinker will be 15 to 20 pounds heavier in a years time. That’s the power of the compound effect.

Your daily routine will allow you to unlock your success that you have always been wanting to have, especially dropping those “LBs” or anything else. For myself, I used much of 2017 to experiment with powerlifting. In this endeavour I have come to understand, even more, that, yet again, how true this COMPOUND EFFECT is in my daily routine.

My daily rituals and habits of meal prep, consistent sleeping schedules, stretching, and training days has helped me  increase my squat and deadlift by 50lbs while at the same weight in a years time*. That does not sound like much, but given it is more than I would ever thought of when I first started lifting and taking this seriously, I’d say it’s pretty good.

(*Starting squat 355. Ending squat 405. Starting deadlift 455. Ending Deadlift 500 — all RAW at 183lbs body-weight).

Now, imagine you adding an extra 50lbs to any lift you do, or dropping 50lbs to lean out and have your muscles start bursting out of your skin? I’d say you would be pretty dang happy about that, right?

Of course, you would.

The thing is is that we can’t really see any of these mundane rituals that we do (or not do) give us much return until long after we do them. Only then, do far too often of us regret and say something like, “If I only have stuck with it I might be better off.”

That’s why your New Year’s Resolution should be FIXING YOUR DAILY ROUTINE.

Your daily routine is like interest that pays you back exponentially the more time goes on. For us to see that positive return we have got to make it a priority, so we see those positive results we seek come to fruition. Thus, COMMIT to the routine and the routine will give you much of what you want.

It may sound too simple or too boring, but are results boring? No they are not. They are awesome. We all want results, and what will give you results? Consistent and purposeful action found in your daily routine.

So, what makes a good routine, fitness or not?

Below are some thoughts.

  • Have a consistent sleep and wake time
  • Prepare your food for the day
  • Write out when you will exercise and what you will do each day
  • Spend 5 minutes the night before or morning of prioritizing your most important tasks of the day
  • Take a minute to stretch 
  • Have a moment of silent time to pray and/or give thanks

You do those daily actions everyday…for a year…and I GUARANTEE that you will have at least some success you could not have thought you would have before in the things you want to do.

From there keep feeding off the momentum you create, and continually refine your routine and the power of belief in yourself that you can lift that weight, lose those pounds, or do whatever else you intend.

Let’s go do it.

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