Have you ever done 4 months of anything with purpose?

If you haven’t then you are missing out on some incredible things. My first 4 months on the KETOGENIC DIET has proved that and it’s worth talking about.

When I first started  the KETOGENIC DIET (August 6, 2017) it was more of an experiment than anything. I was going to participate in the diet for a full 30 days, and do it right.

And…I did. 

I kept track of all my macros and calories, and made sure I hit my percentages every single day.

What happened?

I felt better than I have ever felt in a long time. I mean A…LONG…TIME.

Once I finished, I thought: Why not keep going?

So, I did, and now here we are four months later, training harder than ever in the GYM.

I hit two of my STRENGTH GOALS I made for the year back in mid to late October. I squatted 405 pounds and deadlifted 500 pounds while on the diet (also with no belt). This is all-while doing the ketogenic diet and keeping up with my powerlifting based training regimen.

I can say I feel stronger than ever, and have little to no aches and pains. Overall, my body is feeling great and I’m hopeful of what more I can do while on the diet. Over the next two weeks I am set to max out, as per my training routine from Mr. Eyebrows himself, Jonnie Candito, and his 6 week strength program.

I did it once already and that is where I achieved two of my strength goals in the squat and deadlift, like I just mentioned. That being said, I plan on upping my deadlift and squat again this time around by another 30 pounds in the squat, and maybe an extra 10 to 20 pounds in the deadlift.

AGAIN, all while I am on the KETOGENIC DIET.

The biggest difference is that I am CONSISTENT WITH BOTH THE DIET AND MY TRAINING.

With the exception of getting a cold last week, I have maintained my training schedule and workload, and never deviated from the diet. Well…with the exception of Thanksgiving. I went ahead and had my fair share of brownies and cookies. My stepmom made them and I had to partake, and I don’t regret it.

As soon as I did, however, I was back on the diet and back into KETOSIS within 3 days after. That said, I did have some cravings for those sweets longer than I thought I would. But, again, I just stuck to the diet and within a week I was back in it full go and feeling great.

Moving forward, I will go off the diet occasionally, but just based on that experience during Thanksgiving, I will do better in my rebound from a “CHEAT DAY” making sure to fast the next day while doing a HIIT workout to accelerate my progress back into KETOSIS to burn through my stored glycogen.

Recently, it has been interesting doing more research about the diet, and recently listening to a recent Joe Rogan Experience podcast with Dr. Shawn Baker who does the CARNIVORE DIET. As you might guess, it is a diet completely composed of all meats. Eggs and cheese too, but completely no fruits or vegetables.

Again, all KETOGENIC, but in a different style.

For those of you saying that is suicide for that man, may I point out that man is a physician for over 10 years and an athlete for over 25 years of his life. He is 6 foot 3 and 240 pounds. Anecdotal, yes, but given that there are whole communities of people who participate in the carnivore diet — AND CULTURES — I would assume there may be something to that, despite being told from the MAINSTREAM that meat, especially red meat, is horrible for you and causes heart disease. Maybe, but I think the impact carbs, especially simple carbs and sugars have on the body, is much more harmful than red meat in the long-run.

I’m not here to debate which one is right, but my point is that you should not be so CLOSE-MINDED in your approach to diet, and that is what 4 months doing KETOGENIC RIGHT has taught me.

It’s also taught me that everyone operates at their best with a diet that is unique to them. Whether that is high-carb, low-carb, ketogenic, vegan, carnivore, paleo, slow-carb, IIFYM, or anything in-between, you have to find what works and doesn’t. For me, a ketogenic diet works really good, and the best part is that my body is really adapting to perform classic glycolytic and ATP based training, like powerlifting and HIIT, which is the majority of my training, really good without carbs.

I have kept my muscle mass, improved my vascularity and muscle tone, and I’m starting to get pumps just as good as I was with carb-based diets. I think the body is an amazing organism and it will start to adapt and find ways to perform when it is forced to.

Just like how you train with heavy ass weights to get BIG, you can train your body to operate at more efficient levels of performance if you stick with something and do it like how it is intended. That’s what a good diet is supposed to do for you. OPTIMIZE your HEALTH and PERFORMANCE in the things you do.

So, for me, 4 months following a KETOGENIC DIET has been great and I plan on doing it as my base diet for the foreseeable future.

If you’d like to ask me any more in-depth questions about the ketogenic diet don’t be afraid to ask with a comment down below.

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading.

Until next time, be strong and be you.


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