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Sunday workouts are some of my favorite. For one, it’s a day where I’m off from training clients and work, and a time where I can put extra attention into my training and not worry about being on call.

It’s also a “hybrid” day for me.

I say that because it’s a day where I get to put what I’ve done the other 4 days of training (mostly powerlifting, bodybuilding, and power training) and put it into action. I do a lot of cross-training that are filled with circuits, strongman training, and conditioning.

I’ll do things like tire flips, push heavy sleds, carry heavy dumbbells for farmer walks, work with kettlebells, use circuit bodyweight training, and run stairs or do sprints. It’s definitely a fun day for me, and definitely can be more challenging than others.

With that said, I wanted to share what I did this morning with you, so you can maybe get some ideas of what to do for your own hybrid day and share ideas with me.

Here it goes!

Sunday Hybrid Workout


  • Mobility stretching with resistance band, mainly working on thoracic extension and shoulder mobility.
  • Series of dead hangs from pull-up bar, for further shoulder mobility.
  • Mobility exercises and stretches for back/hip, including cats-camels, McKenzie Press, and couch stretch (check out my back warm-up routine for my back by clicking HERE).
  • Stair running at moderate intensity for full-body warm-up — 5 minutes.

Exercise Part I: Circuit Conditioning

Bodyweight circuit for 5 rounds. 1 round is below:

  1. 25 push-ups
  2. 10 pull-ups
  3. 15 body squats
  4. 25 flutter kicks

Parameters for circuit outlined below:

  • 5 total rounds with 60-90 second rest between rounds
  • Alternate push-up and pull-up stance/grip: narrow, neutral, wide, neutral, narrow
  • Body squats to full depth and controlled
  • Flutter kicks counted as up-down-up-down equals 1 flutter kick

Exercise Part 2: Full Body Endurance

I usually perform some sort of full body movement, like tire flips, farmer carries, etc for multiple sets. Today, I did front squats.

Front squats:

  • 5 sets of 10 reps with 90 second rest or less between sets.
  • First 4 sets 135 pounds, last set at 155 pounds.
  • I power cleaned the first rep and then performed 10 front squats.

Exercise Part 3: Power

Part 3 is usually some sort of power movement. For me, it typically involves power cleans, hang cleans, snatches, or even tire flips. Today I did heavy hang cleans in singles.

Hang Cleans and Push-jerk:

  • 5 sets at 155 for 1
  • 3 sets at 185 for 1
  • 3 sets at 205 for 1
  • 3 sets at 135 for 5



  • Divided into 4 sets of 25 with varying stance performed within less than 3 minutes.

Exercise Part 4: Conditioning

Part 4 is usually some sort of conditioning. I’ll either work on one thing with variations, or combine different things. Today I worked on running stairs.


  • Used one flight of stairs at my gym.
  • Did 3 total rounds
  • 1 round consisted of running up the stairs 10 total times. First 5 times I ran up every step (think high knees) and last 5 I ran up every other step.
  • 60 seconds rest between rounds.
  • Rounds 2 and 3 I did with no rest.

That’s it!

I would have did more, but I had to leave because I had to get in church in time (ended watching it online, so oh well, haha).

Overall, great workout and I felt great afterwards.

Now,what do you do, and do you have any thoughts on what I did?  Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below.

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading.

Until next time be strong and be you.

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