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It’s that time of year again…

New Year’s Resolutions!

Year after year we have these resolutions to improve our bodies and our lives. With that said, how often do these resolutions really last, especially for our health?

For most of them probably not long.

After a month or two, even a week, they fall apart and fade away, leaving us in the same position we were in before.

Now, I cannot to speak to the financial or personal/family areas of your life, but I can speak to fitness, since that is what I know best.

And, from my experience losing over 100 pounds, adding 30 pounds of muscle, and keeping the extra weight off for 4 plus years now, I know what works and what does not with your fitness and health.

Next, I will lay out 3 steps to help you integrate your fitness and health resolutions to help you make them last for the long-term.

At the end of the day, what is a resolution if it does not last right?

Let’s get to it…

Step 1: Think of Your Resolution as Part of a Vision by Writing it Down…Literally

The first step is to think about your fitness resolution as a vision of your ideal “you” of how you picture yourself being healthy and in shape.

This will be different for everybody and there is no wrong answer. All you should do is think about that person and ask some questions for him or her, being as specific as possible.

How does that person look, feel, and think?

How does that person feel day-to-day in terms of physical health?

Is your ideal you someone who has an abundance of energy, rarely gets sick, and is able to think clearly and not get overly tired by the 2pm crash?

(Click HERE to learn more about your workout/fitness philosophy)

Whatever the traits and characteristics are write them down.

I truly believe if you write down the ideal vision or version of you, in terms of physical health and fitness, that it will start to manifest itself in the real world. You are basically telling God, the universe, and YOU, that what you’re writing down is important and is where you want to go.

From there, you’ll start to notice a shift day-after-day of you taking action and thinking thoughts consistent of fulfilling that vision.

This may sound like hippie nonsense, but I think you become what you consistently think.

Is this hard?

Absolutely, but it will become more attainable the more you do it.

So, think about your ideal healthy and fit self constantly by envisioning that person when you write it down, and as you continue the new year day-by-day.

It will help shift your mindset to that of your vision and make it into a reality.

Step 2: Implement and Integrate

The next step in the resolution process is to implement and integrate your resolution into your daily life.

All the steps are critical, but without this one your vision will fail.

Implementing your vision into your daily life requires consistent effort and hard work on your part to achieve. This means that you must do it, even when you feel like you don’t want to.

It is very difficult, but you literally have to force yourself to do it, and almost brainwash yourself that “this new path of resolution I’m going on is the best thing for me and must be done no matter what”.

If you have a “no-nonsense and can’t quit” attitude you will achieve this step more effectively and efficiently.

What does this implementation and integration look like?

It looks like your shopping cart at the grocery — filled with a wide color spectrum of vegetables, lean meats, healthy fats/oils, fruits, and whole grains, instead of cookies, candies, potato chips, and other junk.

It looks like going to bed no later than 11 o’clock and waking at 7am, with a tall glass of water and 10 minutes of stretching.

It looks like choosing water over soda and juice, and prepping your food instead eating out twice a day.

It looks like giving up things occupying your time that have no place, like excessive partying, drinking, television, and usage of technology, and instead more time training, reading, and good conversation.

That is what some of the implementation and integration process looks like that must be done with literal action.

Can you cut out all the bad and go cold turkey on all the “bad”?

Sure, but you should not expect that out of yourself because this is a gradual process.

Start with a small handful of areas most critical to you (your priorities) and go from there.

After you build a good foundation for those areas, with good behavioral action, you will be able to tackle others actions on your list.

Remember…a resolution does not happen in a day. Often times it can take years to fully accomplish and integrate into your life to become the new you.

And, perhaps, that is the most important thing for you to understand and accept.

Resolutions take time to fully manifest. Do not let our microwave society force you to think otherwise.

Don’t let this discourage you though. Things that matter and that are important often take a good amount of time to achieve or see come to fruition.

Implement and integrate is step 2.

Step 3: Believe You are That Person and It Can Happen

The third step in this process is to believe that whatever vision of resolution you set for yourself will happen and you will be the new you.

It could be losing 50 pounds, deadlifting 500 pounds, or running a mile in 6 minutes flat. Regardless, you have to believe that you are that person, and going back to step 1, that you envision that person and how that person feels constantly.

This will create a connection to your ideal self that it can and will happen, if not something very close to it.

There have been multiple times where athletes envision themselves finishing a race, like a 100 meter dash, in a certain time and they did it. It’s because it works and does help you to further move forward to that goal or vision.

If you constantly meditate on that vision and believe that you can become that person doing that thing, or becoming that new healthier you, it will happen.

Believe me.

I’ve been there.

Concluding Thoughts

The resolution idea I think is great, but often lacks real sustainability and tangible results because we are not specific in our resolutions, and fail to implement it with action that will make it a reality.

Do resolutions succeed?


Do they fail?


However, if your mindset is right and you follow some sort of process as outlined above, you will probably have a much greater likelihood to succeed in what you are aiming for.

Here’s to the new resoltions of ours to succeed and happen.

Happy New Year Everybody!

Catch you next time, and stay tuned for more in 2017!


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