Hi, everybody!

I know it’s been awhile since I last posted something on my blog (shame on me), but now that the new year is here I’m right where I need to be to get back on the horse and start grinding.

First off, it begins with some goals.

For me, fitness is right up there at the top of my list. With that said, what are some good ways to ensure you and I achieve them, achieve them better, and achieve them in a good time frame.

Well, here are my top 4 tips!

1. Create a vision goal.

Why are some people more successful than others? There are many reasons, but one reason I think the vast majority of successful people share is that they have a vision for themselves and where they want to go.

I think the same mindset goes for our fitness goals.

For example, if someone hasn’t run a marathon before and wants to complete one then that is a vision goal. The reason is that it’s something huge and almost unattainable for that person because it will take tremendous time, dedication, energy, effort, and focus to do so. However, if we make that a vision goal and then have many smaller goals, although some can be big themselves, it’ll help us achieve our vision goal.

That’s why successful companies have vision statements and why leaders and super successful people are seen as visionary. A vision gives us inspiration, hope, motivation, and a commitment to always be working toward achieving that vision to become better. It’s as simple as that.

Have a vision goal for your fitness and health.

2. Write your goals down on paper–literally.

Writing down your goals on paper doesn’t seem hard or noteworthy, but it can really make a significant difference. When you take the time to write something down, especially a goal, it’s like you make it official. That’s why you see every contract  on paper because it makes it official and documented, so you can come back to it because it’s enforceable. Writing your goals down on paper follows the same principle and will psychologically hold you accountable to them.

So, write your fitness goals down.

3. Make your goals SMART–Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

I’m sure you’ve heard of this “smart” acronym before, but it does really help. Having your goals be as specific as possible helps you focus in better by allowing you to concentrate your efforts more efficiently and effectively. This specificity will also allow you to measure you progress better because you’ll have clearer metrics (i.e. body fat loss, strength increases, specific milestones, etc.) that will allow you to keep track of your progress to achieve your goal.

In addition, having an attainable goal for “YOU” is vital. I think this one is very important because it’s different for all of us. If you want to lose weight and have struggled before maybe it’s because you set an unrealistic goal like 50lbs in 2 month when in reality your 50lbs should have been your vision goal for yourself, with the goal of losing 10-15lbs as a first step within in your first 2 months of eating and exercising better. This makes your goal realistic when you have smaller ones to an ultimate vision goal, like I just described and mentioned in tip number 1.

The last step to make a goal SMART is to put a time frame on all your goals. If you don’t you’ll never have the urgency to achieve it which, in turn, will lead to poor motivation, commitment, and most likely failure of the goal.

Make your goals SMART!

4. Have an Accountability System in Place

If you have no accountability to your goal then what happens if you stop working towards it and start to fall off the track?

Will the goal police burst through your door and put you in jail because you gave up? No, of course not! First there is no such thing and usually if we stop we just say, “Oh well, at least I tried.”

Well, did you actually try? How long did you work towards your goal? Was it a week or a month? Do you think that will really accomplish your vision goal?

The answer is no and that’s why if we have an accountability system in place for our goals, especially for fitness, we can keep working toward our vision when we get discouraged, difficult times arise, and whatever else throws us off the track or impedes our progress.

A great way to do this is to announce our goals to our family and friends and ask them to hold us accountable when we really haven’t been giving our best effort or when road bumps knock us down. This can be done in private or even publicly, like through Facebook or a blog, where you have a community of people, no matter how small, encouraging you and making sure you stick to your goal.

Put an accountability system in place and you’ll get there in no time.

Now, that I have shared my 4 success tips in achieving your fitness goals what are they for 2016?

Do you…

  • Want to lose weight?
  • Add muscle?
  • Run a marathon?
  • PR in a lift?
  • Complete an obstacle course?
  • Or, something else?

Tell me by leaving a comment down below!!

As always, thanks for stopping by and if not already please subscribe.

Here’s to the best of the luck for your 2016 fitness goals and all the other ones you have.

Until next time, be strong and be you!

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