Preface: This post is a rant. I don’t rant often, but I think this is a significant, and somewhat amusing, topic where I should. I’m sure the title may give you an idea, but you’ll have to read it all to fully understand. It is a bit long, but I think it will be well worth your time. I like to think there are a couple gems in here that will provide you with a new or different perspective on health and the power to change yours for the better.

So, with that in mind, let’s begin.

You turn on the TV or surf the web and land on the MSN homepage or channel 35 for CNN.

You’re hit with an eye catching headline that says, “‘You’re Mom wasn’t lying when she said eat more vegetables,’ click here or stay tuned to learn more.”

You may think to yourself: “Really? I didn’t know that. Please tell me more!”

However, that’s not what I say.

I, and I’d say many of you as well, say something like:

Hello!!!??? Of course, that’s true. Do you not think I do not have a fully functioning brain? Am I so handicapped to not use logic, reason, experience, and study to deduce such claims for myself that I need a so called “expert” on TV to say what’s good and not good for me?

At least, that’s what I say 99% of the time. Maybe you do too, but I don’t want to assume.

I just can’t stand every Tom, Dick, and Harry media outlet thinking what they say is so astounding that it warrants sensationalism, at least to a degree, with outrageous headlines and cover stories. The majority of health advice given by the mainstream media is so common sense, at least to me, that it drives me crazy and makes want to punch a hole in the wall. Actually, I wouldn’t go that far, but it irritates to the point where if I could get away with it I would.

I just don’t understand how something that should be the most important foundation to our existence–OUR HEALTH–is made out to be something so foreign. They think that you and I can’t even grasp the simplest of principles of health, such as eating plenty of veggies, getting enough sleep, exercising, laughing, etc., which is all they talk about. That’s great, but it’s nothing new, revolutionizing, or worthy of a noble peace prize. They’re simple ideas and principles that we come to understand naturally at a young age.

It may be because we Americans are often stubborn and ignorant and need to be reminded of such things, but I like to think we are smart and fully capable of taking care of ourselves.

Now, unfortunately, there will be a portion (hopefully minority) of the population that are stereotypical ignorant and stubborn Americans that need to hear such plain and almost dumb facts from large media outlets to believe its true. If they hear it from your mouth they’ll probably brush it off, even if you look the part handsomely and have been through more experiments on yourself of what works and doesn’t work with diet, exercise, and overall well-being. They just can’t take your word for it because you’re not on TV or have a placard degree that merits your advice as true.

I will admit I’m being a bit sensational myself, but I have to fight fire with fire.

If someone just for a minute, or even a second longer, thought about the food they’re eating, how much they’re exercising, and essentially the lifestyle they’re living, they–I think–would make a revolutionary discovery on their own about their health that all these mainstream experts share with us every week and make the appropriate change.

I am in no way saying that the average person off the street is more well versed, knowledgeable, and experienced with dealing with the complex and intricacies of health in it’s entirety than your physician and should not listen.

No. They should.

What I am saying is that the vast majority of how to live healthy is not complicated and does not warrant such maniacal statements from “expert” professionals whose services in the first place should only be used sparingly.

Think about that for a second.

If we eat plenty of vegetables, exercise regularly, meditate, sleep, laugh, and play outside more then how often would we really ever need to ask a “health” expert to solve any of our problems. The answer, in my humble opinion, is very little because we would have almost no health problems. And, if we do, from what I’ve seen, most advice given lacks specificity and depth which truly makes it interesting and worth our time.

In response, it seems the majority of us are lucky enough that we can approach our health with simple principles, like I’ve mentioned (proper diet, sleep, etc.), and take care of 99% of our health on our own, without so called expert advice.

Now, I wouldn’t say it doesn’t hurt to be reminded every once in awhile of such basic health values, but lets leave out the fear mongering. For example, if you don’t sleep enough lets not hear “that you will die 5 years younger.” We all know that lack of sleep leaves you with poor energy, decreased performance, poor skin, and a bad mood, among other things. Thus, it will have some serious side-effects long term if not addressed.

And, even if we don’t, I like to think we would apply something we like to call “common sense.”

We would do an experiment with ourselves to sleep more and see what happens. We would then recognize that all these problems mentioned would go away, or at least decrease significantly, and come to recognize that sleep is vitally important to our health and we should make it a priority for ourselves. All without the sensational headline “that you will die 5 years younger” from your mainstream media provider.

Health is important and 100% should be talked about and talked about often.

Instead of blowing things up, however, lets have a discussion about our health and not just a blind report with an outrageous headline.

I say power to the people.

Don’t wait for someone to tell you about your health. If there’s a problem seek a solution. Either through study or advice from others, which includes medical professionals. Many of which aren’t on TV and actually know their stuff and truly want to help via their website, place of work, and other means.

The answers to your health is out there and it all begins with you.

So, don’t wait.

Make the start yourself and figure out 99% of what good health is on your own because you can.


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