You ache. Your body screams stop. The negative insurgency creeps in with thoughts that aim to derail your focus and obliterate your goals. What do you do? Give in and quit? Or fight and go down swinging?

Of course, all of us want to say the latter, but often times we fail because we forget and lose sight of our “why.” When I say your “why” I’m not saying your reason for living–your purpose– in this instance, but rather why you train and workout in the first place. There are many “why’s” but you should have a why that seeks to fulfill your health and fitness goals, especially when it comes to training and working out.

The absence of a “why” is why people quit new year’s resolutions, gain an extra 20lbs, and feel like shit. They either don’t have a why or forget it.

In order to avoid this, everyone needs to use the power of story to conquer the intrapersonal battle happening inside during every session you have in the gym, the field, or elsewhere, to achieve your goals and what you want. You have to find a “why” and put it in context of a story to build foundation, whiling adding emphasis and power to it. It has to make sense to you and be relevant to where you want to go.

For instance, if you want to be an MMA fighter you have to visualize your victory in the octagon before it happens and let that be the reminder to keep on putting in the long hours of running, sweating, aching, sparring, etc., to achieve that goal. Likewise, all of us need to create a why, even if it may not seem extraordinary to others, as long as it’s lofty for you then that is just fine. And, of course, as you get better, just keep on aiming and dreaming of bigger goals. It’s an evolutionary process and really never stops, but only changes with the mission of you getting better. That’s it!

Whatever may give your story extra fire use it. If that’s proving someone wrong then use that. If that’s listening to motivational music use that. Get enraged if you have to, but keep it in complete focus on your story that tells your why–the reason for you doing what you’re doing. Think of that when tuff times hit and you just want to stop. Think of it when you don’t want to go to the gym. Think of it when your not sure if you should do another set or run another mile. Tell your story and don’t forget it.

Be smart though and make sure there are mini plots or chapters–milestones or goals–to give you mini resolutions, or victories, that lead you ultimately to the main idea of your story–your why. Don’t forget it until you reach the conclusion then alter, expand, or start a new one if need be.

Point is always have a positive, motivational, inspiring story of you as the champion that has already put in the work and won. All you have to do is just prove it by doing it.

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Until next time, be strong and be you!

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