It’s about an hour before closing and the sun shines its last gleaming rays through the store’s windows before it says goodbye. A young kid and his girlfriend walk through the door and soon after have an expression of bewilderment as they see all the products in the store (GNC). I greet them and say, “Hello,” and ask if they need any help finding anything. They reply with a polite, “No,” and I tell them to let me know if they have any questions. They enthusiastically say, “I will. Thank you.” And I continue on checking some store numbers for the day.

A few minutes go by, and suddenly, I hear, “Hey, man. I’ve got a question. I want to start working out again…so what do you recommend?” Since it’s my job to recommend products I go ahead and do so, but in my mind I’m thinking, “He, like so many others, are going about it wrong.”

For beginners and novices alike, there is no need to worry yourself with any supplements, even protein, when first starting out. People think that they need to take something because they won’t see any gains or improvement in their health (losing weight, increasing strength, endurance, etc.) because that’s what they’ve been told by the $32 billion supplement industry (Forbes). We are constantly bombarded with TV, magazine, radio, and, of course, online marketing through clever advertisements that reel us in until we bite. There are definitely some great supplement products and companies out there, don’t get me wrong, but unfortunately most, from my experience, don’t live up to the hype they make their products out to be.

The best supplement you can every take is food! It’s that simple. Especially, if you start working out for the first time or resume after a long break. Have a great whole food diet first (click here to find out what a good healthy diet is) and then you can worry about supplements once you become more experienced and serious about training and your fitness goals. I guarantee you’ll get everything you need for fuel, recovery, and good health from a good diet 90-95% of the time. Supplements are just there to help you fill in the gap that your diet may lack for whatever reason.

And remember…

Supplements will never do anything for you if you don’t train hard, smart, and with intensity. Focus on that and then worry about supplements later.

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Until next time, be strong and be you!

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