Here’s me having some fun for my last set of deadlifts by trying to get as many reps as possible at 225lbs. I already worked my way up to 365lbs for a heavy single with no belt and no straps. It’s nothing too impressive, but I didn’t want to push too hard since my back wasn’t feeling the best. It’s important to know your limits! I then decided to go back down to 315lbs and do a few sets and then do a few more at 225lbs.

For me to get something out of the training session, however, I thought I at least have some fun and see how many reps I could do, so I managed to grind out 15 reps and about a 15 sec hold for my third and last set at 225. I got to say I’m satisfied with it given how my back felt. On a side note, I also was fasting during this workout and came in at almost 185lbs for my bodyweight.

I’ll try to have some more of this videos to show how I train and where I’m at for my lifts and other stuff.

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Until next time, be strong and be you!


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