YouTube is a great resource for many things, such as how-to-do videos, learning, and great entertainment, but there are actually some really good–actually great–content in its vault for health and fitness. I follow many channels , but I only consistently watch a small handful of them that are great resources for information on lifting, dieting, food, motivation, and even entertainment.

Below are my top 4 channels that that I watch and I think you should too (links are at the bottom, plus some bonus ones!):

1. Strength Camp (Elliott Hulse):

Elliott’s Strength Camp channel (over a million subscribers) is my top channel to watch because he has massive amounts of information about lifting and fitness (over a 1000 videos), but also the fact that he practices what he preaches. He, himself, is a trainer, strength coach, life coach, former professional strongman, and just a bad-ass dude. His videos are very candid and straight forward, so don’t expect a sugar coated feel good answer to get magical results. He tells it like it is while giving you real answers to problems that we may be facing when it comes to health and fitness.

Check out this video of him explaining why 6 pack abs can ruin your life:

2. OmarIsuf (Omar Isuf):

Omar Isuf is a trainer, nutritionist, and strength athlete. His whole philosophy about training is “athletic aesthics” which means to have a good looking body, but more importantly, muscle that can perform functionally and serve a purpose for everyday activities and sport. Like Elliott, Omar is very straight forward, but also differs in that he tends to have a bunch of comedy and goofiness in his videos as well. He is entertaining, but don’t let that mistake his advice and expertise regarding fitness.

Here’s a video of him explaining how to squat heavy safely:

3. Candito Training HQ (Jonnie Candito):

Jonnie Candito is the best 83kg raw powerlifter in the junior division representing the United states. Watch almost any of his videos and you can tell why. He knocks out squats of 450-500lbs plus and 600lbs deadlifts with ease while having almost impecable form. At his young age (22) he has the potential to achieve great things in the sport of powerlifting and his advice is tried and true because he’s been through it. And like those before him, he gives no BS advice.

Check out this video of him at the 2014 IPF World Classic Championship:

4. Campbell Fitness (Brandon Diamond):

Brandon Diamond is the master of one-liner jokes and sarcasm, but don’t let that distract you from his great advice, reviews, and tips regarding all things lifting and ftiness. His channel, Campbell Fitness, centers around his training (mostly powerlifting) in which he adds his humorous commentary about what he’s doing right or wrong. One of the main reasons why I like his channel so much, in addition to his nonchalant attitude and that he’s a strong lifter, is that he gives great reviews on supplements, equipment, and diet that are really useful. Once again, no B.S.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out this video of Brandon explaining the 3 biggest supplement scams:

That’s it folks. Those are favorite channels to watch. What are yours? Leave a comment below to tell me.

As always, thanks for stopping by and please subscribe if not already. Until next time, be strong an be you!



Candito Training HQ

Campbell Fitness

You might also want to check out these good ones too!

Kelly Starrett, Chris Duffin, Animal

Also check out my good friend Pedro’s channel! He’s just starting up!


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