As we enter Fall (my favorite time of year!), I think it’s crucial for us to understand that not only is the weather changing, but we are changing. This may seem common sense, but it’s important for us to recognize the changes happening, so we can get the most out of ourselves and what we want to accomplish.

I’ve noticed this for a few years now and I definitely seem to follow a pattern of up and down where I go out in the world, am aggressive, and take action, and when I yield, go within, and seek peace. This duality seems to perpetuate our lives–our world–and only now am I just starting to understand and get a grip on it.

We’ve just entered Fall, and for me, it means taking action and having a kick ass and take names mentality to get things done. Whether it’s work, my training, studying, or anything else that I’m pursuing, this is where my energy expands and things really start to click to the extent where I start firing on all cylinders.

One reason why I think this is the case is because I’ve been set on the rhythm of school for so long (I’ve since graduated, yay!) that it’s caused me to function on that beat of aggression and yielding (Fall and Winter) in that way. I’m not saying this is bad or good, or everybody feels this way, but for me, this is how I feel.

This is important because I believe life is all about balance and we need seasons in our lives for that to happen. You can only work or train for so long until you need a break. Our “Western” mentality to work harder and longer and to never stop, in my humble opinion, is the most idiotic ideology created. Sure we may be the richest country in world and all that shit, but we are also the most unhealthy country. There’s no secret why. It’s because, as a whole, our nation is imbalanced in it’s approach to life and doesn’t respect balance.

Imagine this…

What if there was all day or all night.

How would you feel?

You would hate it. Why?

Because too much of anything is unbalanced and not good for our well-being. We can’t appreciate the day without night and the night without day. You can’t have one without the other just like you can’t have Fall without Spring and Summer without Winter. It’s a universal law that shows up everywhere and we need to respect it, so we can get the most out of ourselves, what we do, and how we do it.

We’re all different, so you have to take a breath and look around to figure out what season of the year you’re in. It may be Fall, but you may want to rest. If that’s the case then rest. Don’t force it. Listen with what your body is telling you and you’ll be fine.

I’m definitely not against hard work or putting the time in when you need to, but eventually you have to sharpen your saw–YOU–in which you can perform at the highest level of your abilities. Be aware of your season and act appropriately.

Thanks for reading and please do comment down below. If you’re a subscriber thank you! If not please subscribe! Thanks again. Until next time, be strong and be you!

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3 thoughts on “Understand Your Seasons

  1. Love this sentence ‘Our “Western” mentality to work harder and longer and to never stop, in my humble opinion, is the most idiotic ideology created.’ Absolutely bang on right. We are human being(s) after all; not human doers until you drop dead.

    1. I’m glad you liked it! We are human beings, like you said, and not robots. We have purpose, desire, feelings, etc that need to be explored and pursued. I think the saying “work yourself to death” is unfortunately more literal than figurative these days also. We need balance & one way is to be more productive in our work day instead of having long work days. I think Europe is a good example. Thanks for commenting and stopping by!

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