Do you bounce? You know what I’m talking about…right? Bouncing the bar off your chest like it was a trampoline. We’ve all done it and unfortunately it’s a horrible thing to do if you’re trying to get stronger in the bench press, or any lift at that.

Why? Because you’re probably not staying tight to control the bar on the way down and lift it like you should. Specifically, in your core, which sets the tone for the lift overall. If you read my last post on wearing a weightlifting belt (click here to read it!) then you know what I’m talking about. Having a strong core (lumbo-pelvic complex) is vital for strength and without it your form won’t be as good as it should be and you’ll be sacrificing raw power and strength when you don’t have to.

This topic was inspired by a cool dude I met at my gym, named Eddie (strong guy!), who spotted me on a couple sets during bench press a couple months ago. Upon completion of my first set at 275lbs, he properly scolded me on me bouncing the bar off my chest. Here I am, a know-it-all when it comes to lifting (or so I think, haha), and I’m not even lifting the way I know how. Blasphemous! He was right and I was humbled.

He made me go down to 225lbs and do very controlled reps (pause and go) for as many as I could while he spotted me. He pushed me and 225 didn’t feel that heavy as it did in a long time. Ever since then I’ve remembered Eddie’s scolding and his wisdom of tight and in control to get the most out of the bench and all the other lifts I do.

The lesson is to lift properly and in control while not letting the ego get in the way of trying to show-off and lift as much as you can to get noticed. Lift for you and you alone. Instead of proving to others prove it to yourself first because you’re the only one that matters. Trying to cheat won’t get you any long-lasting and real results, so why bother? Enjoy the process–the journey–and I guarantee you that you’ll be much happier and be rewarded handsomely for it. This goes for lifting and life in general.

I went off the right and true path, but I’m thankful Eddie guided me back to it. He not only reminded me to lift right, but more importantly, a life lesson to do it the right way because that is how you get the most out of anything in life. Thanks Eddie!

See folks! Lifting isn’t just all about lifting heavy; it’s about life, character, and growth. I love it!

Now, what do you guys think? Are you bouncing the bar in the gym or in life? We’ve all got room to improve, especially me, but as long as we recognize it and address it the best we can then that’s all we can do to get better.

Thanks for reading, leave a comment to share your thoughts, and please subscribe if not already. Until next time, be strong and be you!

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