The relationship with the barbell is one of the greatest relationships I have. You may consider it just a long crafted piece of metal, but it really is so much more than that.

The barbell is an extension of who I am and what I want to become. It will push, change, and humble me all at once and that’s why I love it. The barbell not only tests my physical ability and mental toughness, but also challenges and molds my character. Will I rise to the challenge and lift the weight or walk away defeated? The choice is mine and that’s the beauty of it. The weight will never change unless I do and that is why the relationship I have with it is so important to me.

The barbell has definitely changed me for the better and without it I know I’d still be fat and lazy. Lifting that piece of iron has taught me so much about myself and life in general that it’s almost like a mentor to me. I’ve learned to a greater degree the importance of discipline, commitment, dedication, diligence, work ethic, and love of life because of the barbell. It’s been instrumental for who I am and I’m really just getting started. I will be lifting ’till the day I die and I couldn’t see it any other way.

If you don’t lift please don’t be intimidated. The bar is there to help you not hurt you, so I challenge you to try. Go walk up, say “Hi,” put some weight on, and lift. I guarantee you guys will be best friends in no time, so don’t worry! There will be days where you may hate each other, but just remember that’s only necessary for you to grow stronger. That’s the barbell.

Thanks for reading my friends, please subscribe if not already, and comment down below if you love the barbell. Until next time, be strong and be you!

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