Why do diets fail? Here’s 7 huge reasons why:

1. Lack of commitment

I think diets fail most often because people aren’t committed to following through on their goal to lose weight. They’re motivated one day when they get fed up, but by the next day the motivation has disappeared and they go right back into their old eating habits. Understand that motivation is an emotion. It’s great for the here and now, especially when you need to get something done, but if you’re committed, you don’t have to worry about that. You stay with it until the end whether you feel good or not. That’s why you must be committed.

2. It’s a one time solution

If you do have commitment to your diet and you achieve your goal to lose weight, congratulations. However, understand that the weight you lost is not gone forever. You can easily gain all that weight back in a heartbeat so don’t assume it won’t happen. Remember, losing the weight is only part of keeping the weight off.

3. People don’t actually change their diets

The problem of going on a “diet” is that we think of it in the verb sense, but neglect it’s more powerful meaning as a noun. As a noun, diet is “the kinds of food that a person or animal habitually eats.” This means if you consumed pizza, candies, cookies, and soda habitually before your diet then why would go right back to it once you lose the weight!? It just doesn’t make sense! Be smart and actually change your diet as you lose weight. Eat tons of veggies, drink plenty of water, and cut out the sugar. I guarantee you if you do that alone you’ll lose weight in no time and keep it off (click here for My 10 Biggest How to Steps to Losing Weight).

4. Little to No Exercise

Exercise is absolutely necessary for great health and if you’re not physically active during and after your diet then shame on you. I’m not saying you have to train like an athlete by doing sprints to failure and following an advanced weightlifting program, but just do something! It can be an hour walk every morning when you get up or it can mean playing a recreational sport like golf. Just find something fun that gets you moving and Just Do It (Nike reference, haha!). Obviously you can’t play golf everyday, but you can definitely walk everyday. Do that for starters and try to spice it up along the way.

5. People Don’t develop habits

Diet, in the verb sense, is supposed to get you to change because your doing action. However, if your outlook on eating broccoli instead of french fries for dinner is that of a prisoner’s then you have the wrong attitude. Attitude is everything in life and it applies 100% when you go on a diet. It will actually allow you to make good habits that last during, and more importantly, after you finish your diet. Have a positive attitude!

6. Diet does not equal starvation

When most people go on a diet they say, “I need to lose weight;” and the first thing they do is severely restrict their caloric intake by essentially starving themselves. When this happens you will lose weight, but it won’t be fat. Instead, you will lose muscle because your body assumes that it’s in a survival situation by releasing certain hormones, such as cortisol (a.k.a the stress hormone), which hinders fat loss by allowing glucogenesis (break down of muscle into glucose for energy) to happen. I know this because I’ve experienced it. Restrict calories no more than 500 per day, so you give your body a chance to adjust properly.

7. People don’t set goals

Losing weight is great, but if you don’t have goals in the beginning you’ve already failed. Start by determining a target number for how much you want to lose, what healthier foods you want to eat daily, and how much you want to exercise. Make sure that your goals are S-M-A-R-T (specific-measurable-attainable-realistic-time-bound). Losing 100lbs isn’t going to happen overnight, so if that’s what you really want, start with 20 pounds first and once you’ve lost that make 20 more pounds the next goal. It’s a continuous process and it shouldn’t stop.

Those are my 7 huge reasons why diets fail.

Do you agree with my list?

If you do, share this post and leave a comment down below by sharing your thoughts. And to all of you, whether subscribers or not, thanks for stopping by and stay healthy!

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