I’ve decided to completely shake up my strength goals for the remainder of the semester. After straining my QL (quadratus lumborum: a lower back muscle that connects your lumbar spine to your pelvis) for the second time in less than 3 months, I realized that it’s time for a change-up. Instead of trying to completely have a powerlifting focus, I’ve decided to expand my training focus to that of a cross-fit style. I’m trying to include continuous cross-training as a staple of my training regimen rather than just completely weight lift.

I can tell you that I tried my first cross-fit workout about two weeks ago and it kicked my ass. I was sore for the next three days and I had not been that sore in a long, long time. I can definitely say I have a new found respect for cross-fit and everyone who does it. It ain’t easy!

As a result, those original goals I made (click here to seem them!) are not my focus any more. Instead, I want to have a much more athletic type of training program that includes  cross-training and plyometrics on top of the traditional strength training (sqaut, deadlift, benchpress, etc). I now realize that I need to apply the same type of openness, evolution, and adaptability in my pursuit to grow stronger as a person to my training. It’s time to try something different, especially since I might be joining the Navy through their officer program, and this change is bringing a new excitement to my training while making me want to grow stronger in every way.

I will keep you guys updated and please feel free to comment down below. See ya next time!

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