The semester is finally over and that means progress reports are being handed out. Although my school grades are not yet final, one thing that is final is my strength report. If you’ve read my previous posts surrounding my strength goals (click here for the first post and here for the second post) then you know I made some sizable goals for myself. When I first made them I wasn’t sure if I would attain them, but that was not the reason for their creation. I created them to help motivate me to truly grow stronger of mind and body. Success for me was not if I attained those numbers, but rather the journey I had along the way that would help me discover traits about myself as I progressed each and everyday. There were highs and lows, demands from school and work that tried to take my focus and time away, but all in all I can say I left nothing back and feel completely satisfied with my effort. That being said here are my final numbers as compared to my original and goal numbers:

Power Clean: Started at  225lbs, strength goal 275lbs, ended at 245lbs

  • I feel like I could get at least 255, but every time I do cleans of any variety I usually do jerks at the same time. This means I didn’t have a day where I just tried to get my max in the power clean by itself. I was usually too tired to max out because I exerted a lot of energy doing clean and jerks instead of just power cleans. Since I only work out 3-4 times a week, depending on my school/work schedule, I decided that it wasn’t in my best interest to neglect a complementary movement of the power clean, like the jerk. As a result, 245 is my official max at this time, but as long as I keep going, 275 is in sight.

Hang Clean: Started at 205lbs, strength goal 225lbs, ended at 225lbs

  • As stated above, I usually did a mix of power cleans, clean and jerk, and hang clean and jerk, during the same work-out. I know I could have exerted more discipline in my work-out routine by sticking to one main exercise, but sometimes my competitive juices start to flow and I can’t help myself but try and get a lift. In hindsight, that’s a lesson learned for my future training. However, I did accomplish this strength goal and you better believe I’ll try and improve this lift as well.

Clean & Jerk: Started at 205lbs, strength goal 245lbs (adjusted from 225lbs), ended at 245lbs

  • The clean and jerk is perhaps my favorite exercise. There’s something about lifting a heavy ass bar from the floor over your head that is just awesome. I love it and that may be the reason why I just couldn’t focus on just doing power cleans in just one work-out. As a result, I actually surpassed my original strength goal of 225 and made a new one (245lbs) and met that as well. I will definitely keep pushing and see how far I can go with this exercise.

Snatch: Started at 135lbs, strength goal 185lbs, ended at 155lbs

  • Since I just started this lift a little over a month ago, my numbers are still low. However, I know that when you first learn a new movement, especially a complex one like the snatch, then technique and form reign supreme for success. As a result, it is going to take time and practice for me to really put up some good numbers and 185 will eventually come.

Bench Press: Started at 265lbs, strength goal 315lbs, ended at 315lbs

  • The bench press is the final lift I actually met for my strength goals. Perhaps the reason for this is that it’s a guilty of pleasure of mine to bench big, but that doesn’t take away the effort I put in to this lift and all the other ones as well. Like with all these exercises, I’ll keep pushing and get stronger.

Deadlift: Started at 365lbs, strength goal 465lbs, ended at 455lbs

  • As you can tell from the video above, I deadlifted 455lbs at ~190lbs with no straps using a hook grip. Although I was just 10lbs short, in mind I felt like I accomplished the goal because when I originally made it I thought 455lbs in my head, but wrote down 465lbs on papaer (maybe I have dyslexia or something, haha). Regardless, 465 was the goal and I came up just a little bit short. I’ll definitely get it soon.

Success on 3 out of my 6 lifts ain’t bad and you better believe I’ll keep going strong to reach them next semester. Before I do, however, I need to rest and recover because life is a perpetual duality of balance and you can’t have strength without rest or day without night. This principle is in constant practice all around us, and as this year comes to an end, I suggest you do the same in order for you to accomplish everything you want to next year. A thousand thanks for the support you gave me along the way and know that it’s definitely appreciated. Please feel free to comment down below and see ya’ll next time. Peace!


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