This past week I had to right a short paper in one of my classes explaining my top five and least top five personal values in my life right now. I can definitely say that all of these values have been a result of my very literal transformation of my goal to lose weight and keep it off through a healthy lifestyle and strength training. Although I value many different principles in life, here in part 1 I give you my top 5 values.

  1. Self-discipline: Before I explain why I chose this value I must first define it. In my own words, self-discipline is being able to control yourself on life matters, most often the most important ones, in which you are able to say “yes” or “no” on what needs and not needs to be done. I value self-discipline so much because I believe it often dictates so many other traits and values that you may and will possess. For example, if you’re self-disciplined in a particular activity, let’s say school, then that will likely mean that you will have the commitment, motivation, and proper work ethic to do your homework, study, do well on tests and learn because you are able to control your actions. Essentially, self-discipline prevents you from doing the wrong things that may interfere with doing well and often times will let you excel in whatever you’re doing. I think Theodore Roosevelt said it best when he said: “with self-discipline, all things are possible.”
  2. Integrity: To me, integrity is knowing right from wrong and being able to fulfill that obligation with your actions and thoughts. If you have integrity, then most often you’re honest, caring, respectful, and courteous to others and yourself. When you see someone drop their wallet and return it to them instead of stealing it, then you know you have at least some integrity. Integrity is a big word to follow not only in the business world, but for ourselves also. I know I don’t possess integrity every second of every day, but as long as I’m trying to fulfill what integrity means then I know I’m doing something right.
  3. Education:  To me education is more than just going to school. Education, in my humble opinion, is a life-long journey in which we are trying to learn various knowledge, skills, abilities, and ideas that are useful to us intrinsically and extrinsically. For example, we may learn and become educated about the business world in how companies operate, but what do the people who make multi-billion dollar businesses and corporations like? What knowledge, skills, and values do they possess? If we look at others then we can often times look at ourselves and take solitude to find out and learn more about whom we are and uncover what abilities, thoughts, and ideas still lay hidden.
  4. Self-growth: Self-growth is the idea and belief that you are always “becoming” someone new (usually better in some regard), through ideas, thoughts, actions, and philosophies that encompass all aspects of your life. Essentially, you are trying to become more than what you think you can and what the world dictates for you. Self-growth allows you to become something greater because it takes away the barrier or expectations of others who think they “know” who and what you are. This value opens you up to new ideas and thoughts and lets you discover the deeper meanings of life by becoming an enlightened individual.
  5.  Daring: When I think of daring I think of someone who is courageous, risky, and who doesn’t conform to the norm. Although I wouldn’t say I’m always daring, it is definitely something I’m trying to do more of as my life progresses. I’m constantly trying to break my comfort zone, more so then I have for much of my life, in various aspects. This doesn’t always mean doing some crazy stunt seen in the X-Games, but more often talking to someone I don’t know or even as powerful as starting my own business one day. Regardless, daring is definitely a value I admire and strive to be.

Stay tuned for part II, thanks for reading, and please feel free to tell me your top 5 values in the comments down below!

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