If you’ve read my about page on this blog (if not click HERE) then you know at one point I weighed  about 260 pounds. Standing about 5’6” when I was 16 years old at the time, you can probably figure out that I was really overweight. In fact, by definition, I was obese.

My body mass index (BMI) was through the roof, at 38, which is much higher than normal range that is considered healthy (18.5-24.9). I know BMI has its limitations, but it’s not like I was Arnold Schwarzenegger (who had a BMI of around 31-32) with massive amounts of lean muscle mass.

To put it bluntly, I was just really fat. If nothing changed then I knew some bad things would happen, and I really did not want to think about.

BUTsomething did happened.

It wasn’t something miraculous or extraordinary, but something rather simple. One Saturday morning in April, shortly before my 16th birthday , I just really looked at myself in the mirror. What I saw was someone who was unrecognizable. I saw someone who had no self control, no discipline, no drive or passion, and instead on a crash course for disaster.

In that moment in time, I made a COMMITMENT that I would change and lose weight. I didn’t have an exact weight in mind, but all I knew is that I needed to change, so I did action. I literally started that day and  began eating better. I didn’t wait for the next day I just did it that day — no motivation needed.

My journey commenced.

After a few days I thought about some goals, and figured a good starting point was to lose at least fifty pounds. So,  I officially went on a “diet”. The first step I took was to reduce my consumption of fast-food and all obvious sources of sugar, like sodas, juices, candy, cakes, pastries, etc. (Learn more about sugar here). I’ll have to admit that from time to time I would eat some of that food, but I would try my hardest to eat it in moderation. Over time, however, my urge and craving to eat junk, sugary, greasy food slowly subsided.

During this time, I also became interested about working-out, specifically with weights, that would lead to my passion of strength training. Before I knew it, the weight started to drop off and I lost around 25lbs in about 2 months.


As my journey continued, I started to lose more weight through the increased discipline of my diet and exercise routine . For example, I would completely eliminate all fast-food, make exercise a regular habit, and do similar things that would support my weight loss.

Then, out of nowhere, I discovered the secret, if you can call it that, of weight loss: lifestyle changes.

It seems everyone talks about weight loss as going a diet, losing the weight, and then that weight is gone forever. This notion is completely false because diets go away, but lifestyles can last forever. If you really want to keep off the weight you have to make lifestyle changes. 

You have to implement and integrate eating better, exercising more, getting better sleep, cutting out negativity, and the like into your daily routine. No ands, ifs, or buts about it. You have got to change your lifestyle.

Without changing your lifestyle, you will have no long-term success (i.e. you’ll gain the weight back and have all the problems you had before…just ask Oprah. I love Oprah though, no hate lol).

Seriously though, no matter how hard you work out, a poor diet will and always eventually catch up to you. By making lifestyle changes, I would be able to keep off the weight and never balloon up again because I would now eat and do things that always support a healthy weight and self.

Eventually, my journey came  full circle, when at 19, I weighed a full 100lbs less. I was a lean 155lbs and completely transformed into a new person. I couldn’t stop smiling because I was so happy. All the work, effort, and commitment had finally paid off. I wasn’t fat anymore. I was healthier than I had ever been, and I was excited to take next steps to challenge my body further, by adding muscle and improving my overall fitness.

That is my weight loss journey, and to be honest, that old heavy person is a distant memory that I have trouble remembering. Sure, once in awhile I’ll have thoughts or feelings that creep in that remind me of the old me, but I’m not that person anymore and never want to return. My goal is to get stronger, be conditioned, and look a bit better at the same time.

I love fitness…I love health…and that’s why I put my B.S. in Business Administration and Management away, and became a personal trainer after college. This is what excites me, and what I want to do. Why I’m sharing this is because you might uncover something that you’re passionate about, health related or not, as you transform yourself.

It’s worth doing.

If you want to learn more details of things I did and other tips for weight loss that eventually lead to my lifestyle changes, click HERE for Part 2 of my weight loss series.

As always, thanks for reading.

Until next time, be strong and be you.

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3 thoughts on “Weight Loss Part I: My Story

  1. Awesome story man. Would like to know more about your story. Very inspiring and motivating to make me want to go out and workout! When I first met you I had no idea that you went through a transformation, thanks for the post!

    1. Thanks Jerel! I’m glad I inspired you to workout just in case your C.O. can’t do it. I have no problem admitting it was tough at times, but I just keep pushing on through to reach my goal of losing weight. I kept my commitment and I achieved more than what I originally set out for. I’m a testament that anybody can lose weight if they really want to. Thanks again!

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