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One of the most important lessons strength training has taught me is to be self disciplined in the way I go about doing things that matter most to me. If you are haphazard or negligent in the way you work out, or do anything for that matter, you’re not going to be successful. Self discipline solves this problem because it requires you to control yourself in various ways that promote your ability to achieve your goals and be successful at whatever you may be doing. Self discipline helps create a mindset that allows you to develop productive habits and good work ethic that are key ingredients for success.

I know if I don’t have self discipline in the way I work out then I would never get anywhere near the goals and milestones that I set for myself. After suffering my third knee dislocation a couple years ago (from poor lower body strength), I made it a goal that I would never neglect my lower-body ever again. My solution was (and still is) to focus on functional compound exercises (learn more here), like squats, because it would help strengthen the muscles around my knee and my whole body in general. When I was first started doing squats again the most I could get was 185lbs. Fast forward a few months later and I was doing 3 sets of 3-5 reps of ass to the grass (ATG) squats at 315lbs.

The only reason why I got this far was because I had a commitment to grow stronger and my self discipline was what held it all together. I would go to the gym three times per week for about 60-75 minutes and really make an effort to strengthen my knee and whole body. No matter if  I had a project or paper to do for school, I disciplined myself to make this a weekly habit no matter what. As a result, I became the strongest physical version of myself I’ve ever been.

Although this is just one example, I think the same way I approached my goal to get stronger is the same way I approach doing other things in my life. Whether it’s school or just a passionate hobby, self discipline is the key component that really drives success. I think if you ask anybody who’s successful (someone who’s influential, an expert, well known for their professional work, etc.), man or woman, he or she will tell you that self discipline is a required trait for success. If you don’t have it then you’ll never be better than average.

Thanks for reading and feel fee to leave a comment on your thoughts about self discipline.

(Learn how to strength train: Elliott Hulse, Diesel Strength)


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