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No matter what we’re doing in our lives, there is some sort of purpose behind it. Whether that’s going to school to become educated or working-out to be physically fit, the recurrent theme is that there is some purpose behind what we do. Although we may not agree, support, or want to do something (i.e. go to school), ultimately, we have to because there is a purpose behind it.

What I’ve learned from strength training and working-out is that there has to be a valuable purpose behind it if I truly want to get stronger and improve as a person. If, for example, I go to the gym just to make myself feel better because I’m not sitting on the couch in front of the TV then that’s not exactly the best purpose I can have. However, if I go to the gym to strength train in order to increase the ability of my body to perform various functional movements that support good posture and overall health then that’s much better.

There’s no doubt that it’s hard for us, me included, to see a purpose in some things we do (school, work), but if we create a purpose that seems valuable to us for doing something, I think it will improve our ability to perform and improve as an individual. I think one of the biggest reasons why people fail or under-perform in certain areas of their lives is because they lack a noble and valuable purpose for what they’re doing.

Work is a prime example because most often people hate their jobs. I understand there are situations where people cannot quit or change jobs for very legitimate reasons, but if you want to enjoy what you do then you have to find a purpose. That purpose may be quitting your job and finding one  that makes you happy or that may be thinking positively and taking pride in what you do because you help others.

Regardless of whatever you do, there’s a purpose behind it and I think it’s our responsibility to find a true purpose that fits who we are in order to improve, be successful, and enjoy life.

Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me what purpose you have in your life. Thanks for reading.

(Learn more about strength training: Elliott Hulse, Diesel Strength)


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