Do you have a muscular imbalance? I know first hand it’s tough to admit if you do have one, or a few like me, but knowing if you do have one is critical if you want to have a fully strong functional body. Pay attention to how you’re sitting right now? Are your shoulders rounded and slouched forward? Does your head lean toward the computer screen as if pulled by a  magnet ? If yes, all these seemingly benign signs may reveal that you have a muscular imbalance causing certain malfunctions or limitations of your musculoskeletal system (your bones, muscles, and connective tissues) resulting in poor posture, joint pain, arthritis, and and other injuries or conditions.

In high school, I played varsity football my senior year. Although making the team was  a great personal achievement of mine, it seemed as if I was made of glass because I could never get on the field and play because of injures. Only in hindsight have I been able to determine the reason why I couldn’t get rid of my injure bug. I had enormous muscular imbalances.

Before I actually started to train for football, I would workout with a bench and some weights at my house. This usually consisted of a lot of bench pressing in addition to arm curls the majority of the time. BAD IDEA! What I didn’t know, at the time, is that I was overdeveloping the muscles of my chest to such a strong degree that it was destroying the ability of my shoulder to function properly. As a result, I started to develop a hunched back and internally rotated arms and shoulders which severely disrupted the natural range of motion of my shoulders.

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I finally felt the harsh reality of  this muscular imbalance when I tore my right shoulder labrum (this happended after my second shoulder subluxation of the same shoulder) in football practice. This injury not only hurt physically, but also emotionally since it caused me to miss out on the opportunity to start for the rest of the season. I can only thank my muscle imbalance.

Years later,  I am still trying to correct the muscular imbalances caused by my poor strength training routine for the majority of my high school career . Stay tune for part 2 for ways I’m using proper strength training to try and fix this.

( learn more about musculoskeltetal diseases:

(learn more about the muscle imbalance that caused my torn shoulder laburm:


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