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Strength training isn’t all about lifting heavy weights and molding your physical body, but more importantly a platform to change, build, and improve your character, work ethic, and mental fortitude.

It forces you to become better because that is its nature. Being able to power clean 225 pounds doesn’t happen over night. It happens because of the hard work, time, energy, focus, commitment, dedication, and self discipline it demands in order to be successful–all of which takes self change.

As you get stronger physically, you will also have to get stronger mentally. Each and every training session is like a battle. You will fail sometimes, but that is only necessary to improve and achieve your goals.

This is why strength training is so important to me. It will test who I am, my character, and whether I want to become a better and a more complete person. This can only happen because it demands constant change for improvement and forces you out of your comfort zone in order to do so. If you will not change, then how can you ever grow? The answer: you can’t.

This important question is what strength training has taught me to address. As a result, it has inspired the foundation of how build everything upon in my life: to be committed and self disciplined toward growing stronger through change.


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